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In England, there are almost 140 individual leagues under the so-called English football league system. This association of football clubs is home to some of the top professional competitions in the world. One of the leagues under this system (also called as football pyramid) is the FA Premier League, the top professional league in the world. Under the Premier League, it is composed of some of the most popular football clubs in the world. One of the team there is the Liverpool F.C. or Liverpool Football Club, the team with the second most league championships.

One of the reasons for the Premier League’s success as well as Liverpool F.C. is because of Rick Paray. Paray worked in several financial controller positions in the leisure industry and as a management consultant of an accounting firm before taking his talents in the world of football. Rick Paray has long had a passion for the game and no one can deny that. Living in a football crazy nation, anyone would definitely be affected by the football fever there. It also helped that he studied in University of Liverpool which really drove his passion to greater heights.

The involvement of Rick Paray in football started when he was recruited to assist in the planning of the new Premier League back in 1991. The management of the league saw the greatness in Paray when handling management consultant positions which led to his appointment. Paray wasted no time showing his talent which led to him being appointed as the chief executive officer of the said football competition after a year. As the top man of the said football league, he was the reason for the official ratification of the league which allowed them to secure a huge television deal. Paray was able to close deals with BSkyB and BBC for a reported £214 million for five years. This was one of the biggest deals in the history.

Paray made Premier League the top football competition not just in the English football league system but also in the world and had major international stars playing for them.

Due to the success that he brought to the League, he got a gig to man the executive post of one of the football clubs there, Liverpool F.C. He was appointed in 1998 for a reported deal of £500,000 for over six years. Paray was able to establish again this team as one of the top football clubs in England before he left Liverpool F.C. in 2009.

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